About Me

Hi, I am Gabrielle Sun!

I work at the intersection of learning, design, technology, and marketing.

I help businesses improve employee performance through effective instructional design.

I also help everyday experts become successful course creators by finding their Product-Market Fit and launching course products.

Gabrielle's Personal Use Manual

I get the idea of a "Personal User Manual" from the user manuals that accompany various products, which provide clear and concise information about how to best use and understand them.

My Personal Use Manual offers a structured overview of my understanding of myself, my traits, and my personality based on many years of self-discovery and feedback from others.

My Personalities

I went through TRACOM Social Styles training in 2021, an experience I have always been grateful for. I am an analytical type, which means that I value facts, data, and logic in my interactions and decision-making processes. I am good at problem-solving and independent execution of complex tasks.

However, I am also aware of the challenges that come with this analytical mindset. My focus on details can sometimes lead to over-analysis, causing delays in decision-making.

Back in 2021, my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, identified me as an ENFJ. As an ENFJ, I was known for my charismatic leadership and empathetic nature. I thrived on inspiring others, and my extroverted side loved being around people. But as the years passed, something shifted. By 2023, my MBTI evolved into INFP. I've now turned more inward and find myself deeply immersed in a rich inner world of ideas and emotions. I also find myself less commanding, creating to-do lists for myself all the time. Instead, I become more easy-going and accept what life has to offer.

Me at Work

I always go for ‘the efficient route’. I like to have agenda-based meetings where we get things sorted out during the time we have together. I also love coffee chats where I can talk to people and know them outside of their jobs.

I am NOT very good at responding to emails very quickly as I close email tabs when I work. You could always PING me or ask for a quick call for something urgent.

I am described as a responsible individual who is good at both planning and execution. I get things done and communicate well.

I learned over time to articulate to people when: "Ok, this takes some time & I do need to think and get back to you."

Person A: A business partner, willing to spend time explaining how the business works to me and connecting me to different people who I could ask for help. She also respects the value instructional designers add to this process and is open to new ideas.

Person B: A fellow instructional designer, who I could tap into to brainstorm some ideas on course design and everything.


Work Ethics

An Ideal Co-worker in my eyes

Sales and Go-to-Market Training

Compliance Training

Onboarding Design


ADDIE/backward design

Cognitive Task Analysis/Skill Needs Interview


Design thinking (and workshop facilitation)

EdTech Tools



Explanatory videos

Job Aids

Design thinking workshops


Learning Modalities

Wearing my hat of a 'learning nerd', you can ask me about ...

Interested in what you see? Drop me a line at gabrielle@gabrielle-sun.xyz